Kink Den Wrestling

Semi-Competitive and Fantasy Wrestling At Kink Den

If you are looking for wrestling scenes, the girls at Kink Den have the skills and experience to handle a variety of wrestling scenarios. Either of our rooms can be converted into a wrestling area featuring wall-to-wall, 2-inch thick, gymnasium-grade mats.

Kink Den focuses on two types of wrestling scenes:

Semi-Competitive Style Wrestling

Semi-competitive style wrestling is more physical in nature but is still more fantasy and roleplay oriented. Paricipants in the scene are more physical and the activities may be more intense, but the focus is more on play rather than physical strength.

Fantasy/Entertainment Style Wrestling

Fantasy/Entertainment style wrestling involves full-roleplay scenarios where all of the action is exaggerated and faked. Participants in the scene are playing fantasy roles and physical contact is limited in it's intensity.

You are invited to contact us with any questions you may have and we can assist you.

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